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How to Upgrade Outdoor CCTV Cameras in the UK: The Best Guide

CCTV camera systems are the most common form of security systems used in properties both private and commercial. Providing safety to your assets, employees and belongings is an essential part of running a successful business. 

Even if your business has an outdoor CCTV camera system, globalization and the progress in technology have always left room for improvements, especially in security, be it external or internal. 

Why Do I Need Upgraded Outdoor CCTV Camera Installation?

Initially, you need to carry out a detailed assessment of the type of security system that your property has and examine which areas need replacement. You may have been facing some or all of these issues:

  • Electronic part failures
  • Lost Passwords
  • Grainy vision
  • Unfocused vision

The outdoor CCTV cameras are not properly integrated with the rest of the security system

An important reason to install a security camera is to identify the person(s) in case of an intrusion or robbery at your property. However, 80% of outdoor CCTV footage seized by police is practically useless in criminal trials. This is why it is necessary to analyze the weaknesses in your CCTV camera systems to prevent unwanted entry. 

Benefits of Upgradation

  • Night Vision

Most crimes and intrusions occur in the latter half of the day, which is why it is better to benefit from the evolution of technology; Upgrading to cameras with enhanced night vision capabilities such as thermal imaging or infrared will allow your cameras to capture pictures and videos even in complete darkness.

  • Image Quality

Higher resolution and detailed images allow for easier identification of all people and objects in the monitored area. 

  • Increased Coverage

Adding cameras with wider angles is also a part of upgrading. With an increase in property size, you will definitely observe blind spots that your current CCTV cameras cannot cover. However, wider angles will reduce blind spots, ultimately reducing the vulnerability of your premises. 

  • Remote Monitoring

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV cameras are a state-of-the-art tech that allows you to monitor your property in real-time from anywhere in the world. This clearly offers better security and flexibility as the cameras will alert you to any disturbances allowing you to contact police without endangering yourself. 

Steps to Take When Considering Upgrading Your CCTV Camera Systems

First and foremost, if minimizing costs is a priority for you and your firm then begin with carrying out an analysis of your current CCTV camera system. Investigating your existing infrastructure will allow you to reuse various cables and camera parts which will save massive amounts of time and installation costs. 

If your property has been covered with CCTV camera systems you are likely using analogue cameras, especially if the initial installation occurred several years ago. While the differences in the appearances of an analogue camera and an IP CCTV system may not be immediately apparent, looking closely at the data cable will tell you all you need to know. An analogue camera will have a round coaxial cable, while an IP CCTV camera will have an oblong-shaped ethernet cable. 

Data transmission with analogue CCTV cameras is a hassle mainly due to the difference in image quality and the need for the physical tapes to be rotated to save material for analogue systems. 

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence with your IP CCTV Camera System

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) means that almost every action can be taken, and any command can be given with the least amount of human interference. 

This is integrated into security systems as well. If you have an existing wired CCTV system, it is easier to upgrade without ripping it all out and starting anew: simply utilize the existing cables and wiring and upgrade the hardware.

Functions added with Artificial Intelligence Upgradation

  • Movement Detection

The cameras will now be able to identify and send alerts based on either human or vehicular movement detection. 

  • Object Theft

The CCTV security system will be able to detect if any objects are moved or stolen from their designated places within your premises.

  • People counting

This upgraded security system will allow you to designate the number of people with access to specific areas of your property. It will track and manage the identities and number of people entering or exiting the premises at any given time.

  • Facial Recognition

The Artificial Intelligence software in the upgraded outdoor CCTV camera security system will be able to use facial recognition to identify people and manage access and permissions given to people according to their preferences. The software will recognize each person via their images being stored in a local database. 

This will not only enhance the security of your property but also reduce the chances of duping a security system. 

Is it Time to Upgrade My Outdoor CCTV Cameras?

Realizing the optimal moment to renovate your security system is essential. The average lifespan of various cameras can vary; analogue cameras last 6-10 years, while IP cameras last 5-10 years. 

Instead of ripping out and replacing an entire security system, understand that the coaxial and ethernet cables are designed to outlast the lifespan of the connected systems. Minor upgrades to the recorders and the cameras can deliver top-quality performances. 

With all this in mind, DOTCOM SOLUTION is here to assist you in not only performing a diagnosis of your current security system, but also to provide seasoned professionals to aid you in choosing and installing your upgraded IP CCTV camera system.


How are analogue CCTV cameras different from IP ones?

The major difference lies in wiring. Analogue cameras have cables while IP cameras have ethernet. iP camera systems also require an IP address and an Internet connection to save data in cloud. 

Do IP CCTV camera systems bring more efficiency?

Certainly! IP CCTV cameras provide a wider coverage of the area, higher resolution and swift and accurate motion detection.

How much does the conversion of a wired CCTV camera system to an IP system cost?

The media converters for one camera costs around £50-£60. The conversion of a CCTV camera system consisting of 8-10 cameras costs less than £1000.

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