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Intruder Alarm Maintenance and Servicing In the UK

Intruder alarms are a beneficial innovation and, with the passage of time, have become a keystone in the security and protection of properties, both commercial and private. Protecting your assets, clients, files, and hardware from burglars and intruders is an integral part of running a business. 

Functions of an Intruder Alarm System

Intruder alarms are systems designed to beware you as well as the police department to the presence or intrusion of thieves whether you are away or asleep. 

Added to this, intruder alarms mainly function to:

  • Provide round-the-clock protection against burglars or thieves.
  • Act as a deterrent to potential intruders, as the presence of alarms will cause any interested party to hesitate before attempting to enter your property.
  • Allow you to monitor the access to your property remotely. 
  • Proper integration with other security systems allow intruder alarms to not only detect burglars but fire, smoke and gas leaks as well. 

Wired vs Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems have been the norm for various customers, as the traditional wiring and cable systems undergo wear and tear over time, manufacturing companies transitioned to building wireless alarms. DOTCOM SOLUTION summarises the differences between wireless and wired systems to make your choice easier. 

Wireless Intruder Alarms


Due to their advanced build, wireless burglar alarms cost more if you’re operating on a budget. 

However, they are easier to install and do not require major remodelling to the infrastructure in case you’re upgrading your existing security system. 


Due to their reliance on a battery-powered system, wireless intruder alarms require regular battery replacement.

Long term costs

Due to the recent global inflation after the pandemic, replacing batteries will be a regular expense that may be unsuitable if you are operating on a tight budget. 


Wireless alarms require minimal equipment making it faster and easier to change, add or replace equipment. Their fitting, programming and testing is simple and does not disrupt the infrastructure. 


Fluctuating signals, especially in developing countries, are a major hindrance to wireless intruder alarms.

Wired Systems


They require major installation costs due to the wiring and cables and may cause major remodeling to your firm’s infrastructure.


Do not require regular maintenance for months and even years. 

Long term costs

Wired systems only require an initial investment with no additional long-term costs.


They are not easy to install and require major reorganization during upgrades.


Wired alarms are considerably reliable unless there is faulty or damaged wiring.

Why Service Your Intruder Alarm?

Being the focal point of a security system, it is vital that an intruder alarm is optimally functional when it’s needed the most. Just like any other automated system, wired and wireless intruder alarms also need periodic maintenance and servicing.

Below are some detailed merits in favor of burglar alarm maintenance: 

Secured Premises

Intruder alarms are installed for the purpose of safety. However, their entire structure fails in the face of a single and sometimes trivial malfunction. Mere installation of a burglar alarm does not ensure foolproof protection. In fact, the compactness of your security depends heavily on the maintenance of its several units, including burglar alarms. 

Identifying Issues Beforehand

Maintenance checks not only ensure that your intruder alarm is working properly but also help detect problems before they start corroding the entire security system.

It is important that an expert performs servicing checks to identify defects in the making and to nip them in the bud. A novice inspector may declare a seemingly functional intruder alarm system with minor problems as fully functional and serviced. While in reality, the system is faulty and is likely to crash any minute. 

Longer Lifetime for an Intruder Alarm System

An intruder alarm is similarly operational as a computer. It requires regular updates and checks for malware. The lifespan of a poorly managed computer that is run without virus protection and software maintenance, is reduced due to negligence. Such is the case of an intruder alarm or in fact, any security system. 

Regular servicing also saves hundreds in costs. An early detection of malfunction leads to immediate and cost-effective rectification of the problem. It also reduces the likelihood of part replacement or an entirely new burglar alarm system due to mass failure. 

Better Insurance Incentives 

Insuring your assets and property is part and parcel of setting up a business. If your building has an advanced intruder alarm system, the insurance company is likely to offer you higher amounts in compensation. However, to retain the original premiums, most companies require you to service your security systems regularly. Running regular maintenance checks on your intruder alarm; hence, helps you adhere to the requirements of the insurance company. 

Intruder Alarm Maintenance with DOTCOM SOLUTION UK

DOTCOM SOLUTION UK is an accredited company that provides security solutions. You can hire us solely for maintenance purposes for pre-installed systems. However, when DOTCOM SOLUTION instals intruder alarms on a commercial or private property, we offer a maintenance contract. It includes the standards that we adhere to while servicing your security systems and the number of times we may visit your property following the installation for maintenance checks. 

What Happens on a Comprehensive Maintenance Visit?

A typical maintenance round starts off with checking the history of malfunction, risks and disturbances in the system. This will be followed by a thorough inspection of the intruder alarm system. It will include: 

  • Examination of equipment to make sure it’s installed in the right place
  • Inspection of all wired and non-wire connections
  • a full-fledged operation in which all devices are put into action to ensure they are functional 
  • inspection of power supply units, including main and standby sources 
  • examination of remotely activated devices 
  • activation of all sound-producing devices to ensure audibility 
  • wrapping up by one last check on the entire system according to the manual


How frequently does an intruder alarm system need maintenance?

A comprehensive servicing is performed twice a year at most. One of these checks may be performed remotely. 

How often do I need to change the batteries of a burglar alarm system?

Both wired and wireless intruder alarms rely on batteries. A high-end battery easily lasts for 3 to 4 years. 

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