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Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with CCTV Camera Installation

Guarding your property, its assets, products, clientele, and employees is a vital cog in running a firm. The success of a business naturally attracts unwanted attention, making security an issue of paramount importance. 

CCTV cameras are the most conventional form of property security. Walking through the streets of the UK, you will notice lots of closed circuit television cameras, which make you feel safe. Being a homeowner, CCTV cameras can prevent the entry of intruders,  forcing aspiring burglars to focus their efforts elsewhere. 

How are CCTV Cameras Installed?

Installing CCTV systems includes not only where the cameras are placed but also how they are positioned, both for internal and outdoor CCTV cameras. 

It is essential to ensure that your cameras are integrated with the rest of your firm’s security and data systems; how the videos and pictures are archived; who has access to them; and how the system is made functional. 

These considerations should be factored in when installing a CCTV camera system, as they can make the difference between catching criminals and showing unusable footage. However, many of them have legal requirements for which the owner is responsible. 

Faulty CCTV Deployment

Ineffective installation can result in massive financial losses in fines and damages suits. If not properly deployed, you may be unable to use the footage as evidence at times of utmost need. 

Moreover, an effective CCTV system should be thief-proof ensuring that the system is not easy to interfere with. 

DOTCOM SOLUTION has, in its experience, seen and learned from many CCTV installation mistakes. Below, we have compiled the most common mistakes made during these installations. 

Common Mistakes Made In CCTV Deployment

1. Buying Budget Systems

While they may seem to be the cheaper option, budget cameras are a short-term investment that may prove faulty after installation. CCTV cameras should be equipped with various features to maximize security and coverage. 

  • Flexible Video Resolution: A Fluctuating Wi-Fi connection would not prevent the camera from recording in optimal resolution if the camera has a flexible system preventing image degradation. 
  • Night Vision: As most crimes are committed in the darkness. 
  • Field of View: The camera should be equipped with a wide-angle lens to provide focused coverage. 

2. Disregarding the Environmental Conditions in the Area

One of the most common and simplest mistakes is ignoring the effect of the environment on the installed cameras. Factors like:

  • Lighting
  • Humidity
  • Dust and tremors
  • Electro-Magnetic Interference

These should be considered in every location, even if your firm is based in a state-of-the-art building. Vibrations can greatly affect the life cycle, storage, and wiring of the cameras. 

At DOTCOM SOLUTION, we take great responsibility during CCTV installation in the UK. We factor in environmental conditions before drilling any holes or laying down cables for the wiring. 

3. Ignoring the Monitoring and Storage Areas

An important aspect of an effective security system is controlling and logging all images and videos taken by outdoor and indoor CCTV Cameras. If the owners require live monitoring, the monitors and operators need to work in a secure area where access is controlled and logged regularly. 

The room should have optimal lighting, ventilation and temperature control (the equipment will generate a lot of heat), as well as space to allow for proper storage systems. Many firms opt to do the live monitoring far off from the premises to accommodate these requisites.

Even without live monitoring, businesses are legally responsible for keeping their CCTV footage secure. This means that the recorded images and videos need to be kept and archived in a secure location unaffected by humidity and extreme weather conditions.

4. No Balance between Security and Maintenance

Quality CCTV cameras are designed to be robust and reliable. If properly installed, they are only replaced due to changes in consumer preferences or technological obsolescence, not because they break. 

Like all technological equipment, CCTV cameras require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the camera is operating at its optimal performance level. While many owners are allured by the idea of installing the cameras in high, inaccessible areas and sealing the wires in their own enclosures permanently, changing a damaged cable or replacing the camera will be equally difficult. 

While no one will be able to tamper with the camera, owners should think about their long-term operations here: making sure that easy access to cables is granted only to maintenance and repair personnel to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

5. Not Following Legislative and Police Recommendations

The most disastrous mistake you can make during CCTV camera installation is not following the legal procedures set down by the policing authorities. 

Being recorded at work or public places is a serious issue for most of the populace. Leaking or misusing recorded information can have catastrophic consequences for all parties involved, regardless of whether or not they were caught doing anything illegal. 

What Laws Bind You?

The United Kingdom has very strict legislation related to the terms and conditions regarding what you can record. 

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is the governing act that details how owners are allowed to use information from CCTV cameras.

For usage of CCTV cameras on your commercial property, business owners must: 

  • Let all recorded parties know that CCTV systems are in place and announce why (usually done by putting up signs of cameras saying “You may be recorded”)
  • Store images and videos as long as the firm needs them
  • Be able to provide data within 40 days to all recorded parties as well as the authorities  

While the legal rules are often murky and best left to law experts, owners should be aware of the scope and fundamental rules set by the authorities. 

Wind Up!

An efficient CCTV system is a long term investment therefore, you should choose not to “skimp” out on cheaper options by compromising the security of your assets. 

Here at DOTCOM SOLUTION, we have 11 years of experience in flawless CCTV installation in the UK. We can make the security of your system efficiency and effective while ensuring your CCTV system is sturdy and tamper-resistant. 


What is the Cost of Installing a CCTV Camera?

A mid-tier camera installation and monitoring costs anywhere between £100 to 500£.

Can CCTV Systems Be Insured?

Although the insurance premiums are lower with the installation of a CCTV camera for a property, the system per se can be insured too. Insurances cover damages and unusual maintenance costs.

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